Welcome to Mockify!

Welcome to Mockify library documentation!

Mockify is a mocking toolkit for Python inspired by GMock (Google Mock) C++ framework. I was using GMock a lot during my 5 years of work as a C++ developer and really liked it for its expressive API. During that days I was still writing some Python code (mostly in Python 2.x) and for testing it I was using hand-written stubs when needed. When I used unittest.mock for the first time I noticed that it uses a very different approach than GMock I got used to, so I decided to start writing my own toolkit.

Currently, Mockify is supplied with following features:

  • Creating mocks of standalone functions (more will come soon…)
  • Recording call expectations with fixed arguments and using matchers
  • Checking if expectations are satisfied using one single assert_satisfied assertion method
  • Configuring recorded expectations:
    • setting expected call count
    • recording single and repeated actions (a.k.a. side effects)
    • chaining actions

I hope you will find this library useful :-)