mockify.api - An all-in-one import module

A proxy module providing access to all publicly available classes and functions.

This module automatically imports public names from all other Mockify’s modules, so any needed class or function can be imported like this:

from mockify.api import satisfied, Mock, Return

See the list of available names below.

Rationale behind this module is that testing frameworks like PyTest provide access to all public names basically via single import, so test helper like Mockify should also provide similar behaviour. On the other hand, using a root module to do such imports is discouraged, as it would always import everything - even if the user does not want to.


Since this is a proxy module, any change to other public modules will affect this one, so f.e. removing a class from mockify.mock module will also remove it from mockify.api module.

Currently available classes and functions are:

Added in version 0.13.